• August 09, 2017
    Your Go-To Primer on Web Design

    Whether you dabble in web design or depend on the trained eye of a professional, it pays to understand the basics. In short, web design is the preparation and creation of a website. It includes the site’s layout, navigation, colors, fonts and imagery. Ideally, all of these elements work together to promote the brand’s goals. Here are […]

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  • July 05, 2017
    The Importance of Responsive Design

    The use of mobile devices is becoming more and more prevalent. In fact, 77 percent of Americans were using smartphones by the end of 2016, up 35 percent from 2011. If you want to stay competitive, your business has to evolve to accommodate these users. That means implementing responsive design. What is responsive design? Mobile devices aren’t […]

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  • February 22, 2017
    Improve Your Website in 3 Easy Steps

    You can’t stay relevant online if your website feels old and outdated. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your web presence needs a complete overhaul, either. Here are three ways you can improve your website and re-engage both your audience and search engines without investing in a complete redesign. Follow the 3-Second Rule According to this […]

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