• May 18, 2019
    Facebook Management—What Your Business Should Be Doing:

    Every business should be using Facebook as a part of its overall marketing. However, using it effectively can be challenging and very time-consuming. Our guide will take you through the right path to managing your businesses in facebook to its fullest potential. Post regularly to retain your audience: Regularly posting will help to show consumers […]

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  • April 08, 2019
    Shake Up Your Facebook Ads and Win the Ultimate Popularity Contest!

    Since Mark Zuckerberg recoined the word “friend” as a verb, Facebook ads have been an integral part of marketing campaigns. The exploding popularity of this public platform is due to its ability to zero in on the exact demographic a brand aims to appeal to. There are easy, inexpensive ways to utilize Facebook ads for […]

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  • January 25, 2019
    How Can a Small Business Use Influencer Marketing?

    How Can a Small Business Use Influencer Marketing? Riding The Media Waves By Friending The Wave-Makers   The ever-changing pace of the marketing wheel often feels like keeping a grasp on it is almost impossible. We are all well aware, though, that a company who does not engage in well-established marketing campaigns will become obsolete. […]

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